Phoenix Brazilian Zouk Progressive Weekly Classes and Socials

August 19, 2022 -

  December 26, 2022

Tempe - Arizona - United States - North America

Event details

Our classes are structured progressively every 4 weeks so our students sign up for the 4 weeks to get the best out of this dance. We have 2 levels: 

* Level 1 Brazilian Zouk Foundations 
* Level 1.5 Brazilian Zouk Plus (beyond Foundations)

For folks who are new to this dance or just starting, we recommend starting with Foundations. Our Foundations Program consists of 5 different series: Foundations A, B, C, D, and E. Each series has different techniques and moves that are essential to social dancing Brazilian Zouk, but the first class of each series will always be a review of the basics. We teach a total of 25 foundational moves over the course of 5 months. Once you complete all 5 parts of Foundations (5 months), you will need to test out from it and if you pass, you can move on to Brazilian Zouk Plus. Brazilian Zouk Plus is Level 1.5 and it's an extended version of Foundations where we teach new techniques, concepts, and variations derived from the Foundations. Students can start anywhere at the onset of a 4-week series. 

Our classes are every Monday night and the 4-week cycle begins on the first Monday of every month: 

Level 1 Brazilian Zouk Foundations: 7pm - 815pm

Level 1.5 Brazilian Zouk Plus: 

Then we have a social from 930pm -11pm which gives everyone a chance to dance with everyone and practice what they learned in class! 

$50 per 4-week series for classes only **OR**
$60 per 4-week series for classes and socials for the month (otherwise, it's $5 per social at the door)

If you have Facebook, please add Elijah James and Deenie Tusalem, and join the 'Phoenix Area Brazilian Zouk' page and 'Zouk Oasis' so you can stay up to date with our events! We also post our flyers and sign up links there. Also, the best way to reach us is through FB messenger.

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