Weekend Workshops: Urban Kiz Bootcamp

September 18, 2022 -

  September 18, 2022

Charlottesville - Virginia - United States - North America

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Hello everyone!


We are excited to announce our next guest instructors to the Charlottesville area: Bridget and Charlie Devine!


Urban Kiz is a derivative dance of Kizomba, coming into development in the early 00s before officially being titled "Urban Kiz" in 2015. This style was created by exploring Kizomba dance through the lens of Hip Hop, RnB, Ghettozouk-inspired music- with time absorbing principles from other dances such as Hip Hop, Tango, and Tarraxinha. The end result is a sharp, dynamic dance that easily shifts between soft, slow movements and accelerations and breaks.


This workshop will cover the fundamental elements of Urban Kiz such as connection, weight transfer, musicality, and more. The goal of the class is to get students dancing Urban Kiz on the social dance floor. This workshop will be conducted in "phases", with each hour building on the last, culminating in the the final hour of the bootcamp.


We can't wait to get started! Don't miss out on the opportunity to work and dance with Charlie and Bridget this September!



Location 🗺 : Ashtanga Yoga of Charlottesville

Dates 🗓 : Sunday, 18 September 2022

Time ⏰ : 1pm to 4pm

Event Cover 💵 :

✨$55 (Single Pass)

✨$85 (Lead/Follow Buddy Pass)

🚨 Spots are LIMITED to 20 (10 leads/ 10 follows) and booked first come first served

🚨 Minimum class size required: 50%

Payment methods 📩:

✨See eventbrite for online payment

✨Cash at the door



Registration is open to all, regardless of vaccine status. Participation in an indoor, close contact, physical activity does come with in increased risk of exposure to illness and risk of injury. Masks are not required, however, participants may choose to wear one if they feel more comfortable. We ask that you stay home if you are feeling ill.



Lastly, per the studio owner, no street shoes are to be worn during sessions! Suede bottom shoes or ballet flats are acceptable. This is to protect the wood flooring. You may also dance barefoot or in socks, whichever you prefer.


Water bottles will be provided, but as supplies are limited, you're encouraged to bring your own.


Lastly, an after-class social is being planned. Location is TBD, so stay tuned for updates!



✅ Friendly, welcoming community

✅ Learn new skills in a new style of dance!

✅ Meet & greet with a guest instructor!

✅ Connect with Kizomberos from neighboring communities

✅ Beginner-friendly

✅ No partner required


Please do not hesitate to ask questions! See you on the dance floor! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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